Dark Heart - Season 1

Dark Heart - Season 1 Putlocker

oon after Collins’ death, a lawyer, Guy Dawlish (Nicholas Asbury), is brutally attacked. The style of attack is similar to the way in which Collins was killed – he was tied to his bed using knots that are exactly the same as the ones used to restrain Collins. However, the similarity doesn’t end there. Dawlish was arrested two years ago following allegations of child sex abuse. There was insufficient evidence so he wasn’t charged. With two unconvicted paedophiles attacked within days of each other, Will fears this could be just the start.

Genre: Crime , Drama

Stars: Tom Riley, Anjli Mohindra, Miranda Raison, Edward Akrout, Jason Maza

Director: Colin Teague

Country: United Kingdom

Running time: 45 min

Quality: HD 720

Years: 2016

IMDb: 6.4

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